How to choose an electric vehicle ?

Today, with pollution and global warming in the world, internal combustion vehicles have become obsolete and very polluting. It is in the concern of being more ecological that the electric cars were born. How to choose an electric car? Follow the guide proposed by this article and you will not be disappointed.

Consider the Charging Method

Today, recharging still needs to be very well planned. French infrastructure is not always up to the expectations of motorists. Drivers must therefore have easy access to recharging points to avoid range anxiety, i.e., the fear of being left stranded because the car has no battery.

The easiest solution to this problem is to charge the car at home or at work (the places where people spend most of their time), while public charging stations can be used more for troubleshooting.

Indeed, plugging your car into a conventional 230 V household outlet is not the same as plugging it into a 150 kW fast charger. The size of the battery mentioned above is determined in kWh. The larger the capacity, the longer the charge. With this in mind, vehicles offer different options.

Estimate the Power You Will Need

As with all other electric cars, there is a wide range of power ratings for electric cars. Currently, there is a little bit of everything on the market, with power often being related to the size of the car. This ranges from urban electric cars with less than 100 hp to electric SUVs with more than 400 hp.

Less powerful vehicles typically use a single front-mounted motor, while more powerful ones have two motors, one on each axle to achieve all-wheel drive. While the power depends on the motor, the range will depend directly on the size of the battery.

In order to choose an electric car, establish your criteria and the use you want to make of it. For example, consider the amount of power you will need.