Every EliteTrax design begins and ends with a passion for BMX racing and a client wanting the best, most innovative and exciting Supercross track possible.

After surveying the future track site, Tom is immediately inspired to start designing. This means the first designs are frequently sketched on scraps of paper, backs of receipts and even a bar napkin or two.

Next, those initial ideas and sketches are streamlined and become a two dimensional rendering, laying out the first blueprint of the track. Rolls, berms and the most most epic track features are engineered down to the degree. Drainage and the formation of the land at the site are factored in, making these tracks a true blend of form and function.

Those two dimensional drawings are then given new life as they become three dimensional renderings, giving the blueprints life and giving the client a glimpse of their future track as construction begins.

Long days of serious heavy lifting are spent moving and shaping dirt, gravel and clay as the EliteTrax Crew brings the design to life. Tom himself is frequently seen manning a bulldozer or a wielding a shovel, making sure the every pebble is in the right place.

After the dirt has been shaped and the dust has settled, a world-class track is now standing where there was previously just dirt and an idea scribbled on to a napkin.