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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for rebuilding your local BMX track, or wishing to construct an Olympic size training facility, we got you covered. No job is too small or too big for EliteTrax. We can design and build a BMX track that meets your needs.

International Standard BMX Track

International Standard BMX Track

An international standard BMX track fulfills all the International Cycling Union (UCI) requirements for international events and is also tailored for local riders.

EliteTrax develops a track design that is customized for these specific needs. For development purposes, it is important to build a challenging, yet safe track where riders can develop their skills. In many cases, a divided straightaway offering an “Elite section” will cater for the needs of both younger riders as well as elite level riders.

Furthermore, EliteTrax understand the importance of having the track rideable all the time, not just when the weather is favorable. We choose material very carefully, designing the drainage that works and we are the most experienced track builder when it comes to applying soil stabilizers (Soiltac) to create a smooth rigid track surface.

BMX Supercross Track

BMX Supercross Track

The BMX Supercross track is the new type of BMX tracks and is considered the standard for top-level BMX racing, catering to the very best riders in the world.

A BMX Supercross track is more challenging, featuring bigger and more technical design elements. These tracks also feature a large start ramp, which enables riders to gain necessary speed. BMX Supercross tracks are the standard for the Olympic Games, BMX World Championships and the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

To build a SX track is not as easy as just adding an 8 meter start ramp to your local track. The sheer speed and technique of top level athletes changes the trajectory and design of obstacles radically. No one has more experience than EliteTrax to create the perfect Supercross track.

BMX SX Combo Track

BMX SX Combo Track

The BMX SX Combo track, introduced by EliteTrax during the 2010 UCI BMX World Championships in South Africa, combines the highly technical BMX Supercross track with a traditional style BMX track. It features two start ramps, an SX ramp, plus a “Challenge” ramp, which is now standard for UCI BMX World Championships.

To merge a “traditional” type track with a Supercross track takes knowledge and experience. In many cases the track may end not “flowing” correctly due to lack of experience. And trust us – the riders will let you know.



Pump Tracks are smaller BMX-style tracks that provide exercise, safety, and enjoyment for riders of all ages and skill levels. These tracks are rapidly growing in popularity and are frequently built in parks, campgrounds, or backyards. The EliteTrax sister company, PumpTrax USA, offers turn-key standard builds as well as custom-designed tracks to meet any client's needs. Please visit the PumpTraxUsa website for more information.

Olympic Track

Olympic Track

Major events such as the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games and other regional/continental events require a longer planning phase and more in-depth consultation and design. The experience and services of EliteTrax are available during all stages of a project, including multiple meetings, site visits and design renderings (CAD) as needed. Construction is commonly divided into several construction phases over a longer time period.

EliteTrax is currently in involved in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games (Nanjing, China), 2015 Pan Am Games (Toronto, CAN) and the 2016 Olympic Games (Rio De Janeiro, Brasil)

Start Ramp Construction

Start Ramp Construction

The main feature on a BMX Supercross track is the start ramp and has now become the standard for high-level international BMX racing.

The SX start ramp is 8 meters high, 10 meters wide with a 28° sloping angle. This ramp allows the top elite riders to reach a top speed of over 60 km/h.

EliteTrax is able to offer a full turn-key solution for your start ramp needs. EliteTrax works closely with professional manufacturers to offer a metal start ramp to UCI Specifications. Our start ramp consists of two parts:

 • Regular scaffolding components

 • Custom built top deck with non-slippery surface (metal or wood)

A scaffold solution assures that it meets the local build codes and standards. It’s easy to transport and it can be mounted in just a weeks time. EliteTrax can offer worldwide shipment and setup of the ramp at an affordable prize.

Please contact EliteTrax for a detailed quote.

Although any local scaffold construction company can build a ramp, it is extremely important to get the angles, transitions and surface correct. We’ve seen way too many ramps built almost right, but they do not conform to the Supercross standard for ramps. EliteTrax can offer onsite consultancy and drawings if you wish to construct your ramp locally.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has also introduced a 5 meter high standardized start ramp for traditional BMX tracks, which will be used for Challenge level competitions at World Championships. EliteTrax can offer a turnkey solution for the traditional BMX start ramp.

Progate Start Gate System

Progate Start Gate System

EliteTrax is proudly partnered with ProGate – the best in the business. The companies worked to develop and pioneer the random start gate, which is now the international UCI standard.

EliteTrax offers ProGate systems with track builds, handling each step from ordering, to shipping and finally installation, streamlining and simplifying the process for clients.


EliteTrax Inc. is a proud partner of Soilworks®, the leading manufacturer of dust control products and soil stabilizing systems.

Today’s modern BMX tracks are nothing like the old loose dirt tracks of the 80’s. With today’s high speed and technical features, a fast, hard dependable surface is necessary for the safety and performance of today’s fastest BMX athletes.

Modern BMX tracks therefore call for modern dust control solutions. The eco-friendly synthetic polymer technology of Soilworks’ signature product, Soiltac , fits the needs of EliteTrax and BMX tracks of the highest level. Soiltac applied right to your BMX track makes for a hard, fast riding surface that requires less maintenance than an all “dirt” track. Most importantly, Soiltac is a truly biodegradable product that is completely environmentally safe to use.

Being the official distributor of Soiltac, EliteTrax will be able to offer a turn-key solution with delivery, application and give your local crew maintanence guidelines to keep your track top notch at all times. will also work with Soilworks to create application and maintenance guidelines specifically for BMX tracks.

Contact EliteTrax for a quote now
Mylaps Timing Systems


In the same way BMX tracks has been developing rapidly in the last 15 years, so have timing and result scoring for BMX.

We are excited to team up with the leading company in automatic sports timing – MYLAPS. Together we are able to offer BMX tracks a built in timing system using electronic transponders. We offer multiple level packages, anything from timing that is useful for high performance training (giving you reaction time, multiple split times, top speed) to the possibility of managing your local races with ease.

Contact EliteTrax for your timing and scoring needs.
Mylaps Timing Systems


The sport of BMX has changed in the last few years with the new Olympic Standard BMX tracks and its Supercross start ramp. A rider accelerates from stand still to 60 km/h in less then 2.5 seconds down the start ramp. All that leg horsepower needs to go down into the ramp and the last thing you want is to slip with your rear tire. Therefore the high demands of today’s top athletes require the very best in grip.

Heskins and EliteTrax offers the 3M X-COARSE, which offers 3 times better grip than your regular skateboard deck tape. To make it even more unique, Heskins can print this in any color or with any logo you want!. We offer a number of grip tape packages to suit your need everything from a basic package of acceleration strips or a full blown 4-color print covering the complete ramp!

Maintenance Package

A BMX track is built out of living materials and needs regular maintenance to keep riders safe and happy. Depending on the location and the materials used in the track construction, a BMX track requires professional maintenance annually in addition to regular sweepting, etc. This can be provided by the experienced EliteTrax team to restore a track to pristine condition.

On-site consultancy & drawings

There are many variables to consider when building a track and the EliteTrax experience enables vaulable feedback in those early stages. Factors that are evaluated include, but are not limited to:

  • Site, location and position of the track
  • Choice of materials and equipment
  • Type of track most suitable for the venue/club's needs and expectations

Following a site visit and consultation, EliteTrax is able to provide detailed drawings of each step of the construction, making it easy for even a non-experienced contractor to build a track.

Rebuild of existing permanent track

The technical skills of BMX athletes is constantly in progression, and tracks must be updated to challenge these high-level BMX riders and stay relevant. EliteTrax offers design and/or construction solutions tso update an existing BMX track to today's standard of an international BMX track.